9 de diciembre de 2009

the beat of my heart

I'm the owner of a lonely heart always dancing in the dark. It's been so many days, for the last time i had somebody to love.
Standing alone in the cold winter nights, waiting for a girl with a burning heart and make me feel the heat of the moment.
I want you to show me the way because I want to know what love is once again.
I'm feeling so tired, gonna give in, can't fight this feeling anymore.
Please baby, you have to show up, let me tell you I was made for lovin' you, want to jump in to your heart and rock you like a hurricane.
So please baby, come and take my hand, don't stop believin i'm still livin' on a prayer

2 comentarios:

Pequeña Saltamontes dijo...

Qué original tu escrito :)

Me sonó un poco a "I wanna know what love is" de Foreigner :P

Tomander dijo...

Acaso, se nota que es lo que quiero expresar???